Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tips for making homemade headshots for new actors (help for those starting out in acting)

Not everyone can afford professional headshots and it is okay to take them at home. Following some simple tips to make your home headshots look professional.

Here are some good tips for taking headshots at home:

Getting ready:
Do not put on too much makeup - look nice but not overdone

Pick a shirt that's not distracting (you want the focus on your face, not what you're wearing)

Do not wear a hat or glasses (unless you can't see without them and would need to act with them)

New do your headshot in the car! (sadly, I've seen this a lot)

Picking a location:
Pick a solid background (a lighter color is good) - do not have any pictures or mirrors or shelves or windows in the background - If you use a sheet, make sure it is not wrinkled and make sure it is smooth - keep the background as far away as possible so you don't cast a shadow on it

Sunlight is the best lighting so have a window in front of you or to the side (never behind) or shoot outside (but avoid a busy background)

Taking the picture:
Have someone else take the picture. Pictures you take of yourself with a cell phone rarely come out good. You need to focus on your pose and not taking the picture.

Have the picture include your head with the top of your head almost touching the top of the frame and the bottom at your shoulders.

Take a LOT of pictures and try different expressions and poses. Take at least 10.
Review the pictures before ending the session.

Printing the picture:
Have your name nicely printed (with a computer) on the bottom
Print them in color

Quiz Time!

What makes one of these homemade headshots better than the other? 

Which is better? Why?

Which is better? Why?

My homemade headshot (taken by my wife Shiela Larson - thanks luv!)

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