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Advice on performing monologue Breaking Heart by D. M. Larson - online mini acting classes - solo stage play script for female

Here is some advice on how to perform the monologue "Breaking Heart" by D. M. Larson.

This monologue is a wonderful choice for an actress because is allows her to show a range of emotions. I have seen males successful do this monologue as well so it can work for both genders.

Sometimes you are allowed to perform two contrasting monologues (one drama and one comedy) but if not, and you only get one shot, this monologue is for you because you get to go from comedy to drama.  This can also be a great over-dramatic monologue if you have a lot of power and energy in your acting you want to showcase.  View the notes below for each part of the monologue.  These notes will cover how an actress might show different emotions in her performance. Note: The speaking parts are in regular text and the suggestions have *( before and )* after.





*(In this first part, Nell should act like this is no big deal. She should be casual, almost not interested)*

You want to break up... sure... no problem... yeah, I wanted to break up too.

*(At this point Nell starts to become sarcastic but still try to maintain her casual, "I don't care" attitude)*

I've been thinking about it from the day we met. This is a person I will need to break up with. But hey... you beat me to it. No hard feelings.

*(Now she is reacting to something he said like "We can still be friends." For a moment, she let's her hurt feelings show through and has to turn away to hide it)*

(shrugs and turns away)

Be friends?

*(She gets control of her emotions again and turns to him trying to be happy and cheerful. Be she is almost too happy and cheerful that is comes across as fake).*

(turns with a huge smile)

Sure! I'd love to be friends. That's the natural evolution of most relationships. Have a fling and then boom... friends. I'm sure some of the best friendships started that way.

*(She really over-does the friendly stuff now. She might even try to act like a guy [or more like a girl if a male is performing this]).*

(overly enthusiastic)

I look forward to hanging out with you, buddy. Let's meet up and go to...

([insert stereotypical place opposite gender likes to hang out: Hooters, Victoria's Secret, football game, shopping, etc.])

*(Here is where she loses control of her emotions. The sadness and anger and hurt start to show through)*

...some time and hang out.


That would be GREAT!

*(Now she gets quiet. She is fighting to keep her emotions in check. She doesn't want to show she is upset but she can't hide it. She is very quiet and almost can't speak. She closes her eyes unable to look at the person she is talking to)*

What? Upset? No, I'm not upset. Why would I be... upset...

*(She can't hold it in anymore. She starts crying a little. The sadness comes out as well as the anger)* 

No, I'm not crying. I said, I'm not crying!

*(She starts crying a lot now. Her voice becomes angry and vicious)*

I don't want your pity. I don't want a shoulder to cry on. I want... to be left...

*(She is screaming at him now. Her emotions come out full force)*


...ALONE! Don't you get it. I want to be alone!

*(She stops. There is a long pause here. The anger is gone now. The yelling helped calm her down. But not a deep sadness has replaced the anger. All she can feel is sadness. A depression gets a strong grip on her)*

(pauses... sadly reflects)

I've always wanted to be alone. I never wanted to get close to anyone. I never wanted us to get close. And I guess I was closer to you than you were to me.

*(He says something like "I wanted to be close to you too" but she doesn't believe him. She doesn't believe anything he says anymore. She feel deceived and tricked by him. She feels the anger again)*

(turns angry)

Don't lie to me. I know you don't mean it. I don't want to hear any more lies! I don't want you to make something up so you can get out of this. I want it all laid out on the table.

*(She screams at him again)*


I want to know the truth!

*(There is a long pause again. All her energy is gone. She goes limp. She has nothing left anymore. All she can do is cry. She doesn't think she can speak anymore. She has given up... on everything. But then she manages to say one last thing, quietly)*

(long pause... cries... then manages to say)

I want to know why you are breaking my heart.

*(At the end, she can curl up in a little ball and cry to end the scene)*


Please share your tips on this monologue below in the comments. If you try something different that works, please let us know.  Thank you!

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Online mini acting classes monologue "Breaking Heart" by D. M. Larson

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