Thursday, December 11, 2014

"If You Give a Wookie a Cookie" - monologue poem for kids - children

Here is a children's monologue I wrote just for fun.  It might be more of a poem than a monologue but if you'd like to use it, please contact (and include the title "If You Give a Wookie a Cookie" in your request).

"If You Give a Wookie a Cookie" by D. M. Larson

If you give a wookie a cookie, then he'll want some more

Never tell him no and try to kick him out the door

Because he'll throw himself down and have a fit on the floor

Then he'll need a bandage because he gave himself a sore

And he sees something on a shelf that he totally adores

So you give it to him because you have no clue what it is for

Then on tv, he sees the pod races and wonders about the score

And he cheers when he realizes his team is winning by four

Then he'll celebrate with a whole box of cookies from before

and want to share with his friends from the planet Endore


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