Saturday, December 27, 2014

“Widow in White” monologue poetry - solo piece for actor - male or female

Is this a poem?  Is it a monologue?  Check it out and see.  Feel free to give some feedback in the comments below since this is a work in progress.

For permission to use this as a monologue, please ask and include the title "Widow in White" in your request.


“Widow in White” by D. M. Larson

I lay in want of sleep 
and waited feverishly for the dawn
knowing I'd never sleep.

Then in a rocker
Appeared a widow in white
Knitting a shroud
Humming a silent song
Only she could hear.

Then she turned
And looked into my eyes.
I was drawn closer to her side.

The caring caress of her gentle eyes
Sought to touch the worries of my heart.

But a sudden shudder fell though me
And tossed me into folds of sleep.

Then as the light of dawn approached
I looked again and she was gone.

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monologue poetry - solo piece for actor - male or female

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