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A Mythical Isle - a poem - poetry by a playwright - revising old writing

Here is a poem I wrote many years ago (1997) that I discovered recently as I was going through my old writing.  Although I wouldn't call myself a poet, I thought this was an interesting one.

A Mythical Isle by D. M. Larson

Part I

Chiloe - a mythical isle, held in the arms of the darkest sea.
Lights twisting into snakes, which dance freely upon her waters.

Cries of "mercy, peace" echo from an unknown distant shore
Fading into mysterious whispers among the misty rains.

In the early morning light, the island heaves a heavy sigh,
Caressed by morning, whispering sweetness from her gentless shores.

Valleys fierce with the sun, though a certain grayness prevails.
Hills lush with the wet dew that continually strokes the land.

The Blue Uniorn appears silently from within, calling,
Whispering her name - "Chiloe" - so sweet is her name:

Part II

Dawn never happened in the East.
A mockery of light flickers with an albatross
Who dances among a tangle of wooden ships
That litter the water: woven - anchored - intertwined.

Old sailors dream of the white whale;
Young sailors dream of the Cape of Good Hope
Drawn to the sea by Mermaids and Sirens.

Innocent as the shivering Pudu,
Twisted as the hungry boar,
Hypnotized by the mythical beasts
That gather in the mists of dawn.

Part III

Arthur has died and gone to Chiloe
To discover witches who play games with twisted men.

St. Francis is donned in a robe of purple and orange,
Watched and praised by Chiloetes who laugh reverently.

Mermaids and Sirens move to deeper waters,
Afraid of what they might catch on her shores.

And a lonely old sailor offers his hospedaje for a peso or two,

Leaving you to dream forever in the mist of Chiloe.

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A Mythical Isle - a poem - poetry by a playwright - revising old writing

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