Saturday, January 10, 2015

Early morning - poetic monologue for male or female - romantic comedy solo stage play script poem

This is a fun monologue / poem that I would probably categorize as a romantic comedy because of the humorous twist at the end.


Early Morning by D. M. Larson

It's Early Morning, the time when lovers meet. Enjoying a moment in the warm light of dawn. There's no work for us. No need to slave away indoors. And that's silly when God gave us sunshine to enjoy - by a window - in the sun - with the one you love.

The coffee's brewed – the smell fills the air - so heavenly.  We just sit and sniff and soak in the sun and snuggle close.

You look at me with your wild eyes - contemplating love - or some mischief. I get lost in those sapphire eyes, swimming endlessly in blue. 

A little pat brings me back. "Play with me" you say with your eyes.

I look and smile and pat you back - all in fun. Eyeing my ear - you lick it.
I lean toward you - it feels so nice. A piece of my fur is stuck on your tongue. I laugh and your ears go back. Now I lick you in kind and you lean in and enjoy the roughness of my tongue as it caresses you.

Early Morning. Two cats in the sun. Loving the sun. Loving each other - and - loving everything that isn't dog.



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Early morning - poetic monologue for male or female - romantic solo stage play script poem

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