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Farting is Such Sweet Sorrow short monologue for male from published play Flowers in the Desert

I am currently doing a rewrite of my play "Flowers in the Desert" which is an older play that I revise every few years and do a rewrite on.  "Flowers" is a very personal play based on my grandparents whom are people I really admired growing up because of all the help they gave people.  This is a monologue that I did a little rewrite on and am now adding to the Freedrama website.  It will be in the new edition of the published script.

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"Farting is Such Sweet Sorrow" by D. M. Larson

As the scene opens, JIMMY comes stumbling on drunk. He drags on a ladder that he puts against the cover over the porch [if an upstairs is not used then Jimmy will go to a front window instead of an upstairs window]. JIMMY climbs the ladder and talks speaking as he approaches SAM’s bedroom window)

Where's my sweet little flower? She's gone and I'm all alone. Like Rodeo and Juliet, split up by their ma and pa, left with aching hearts. I got an achky-breaky heart baby and I'm coming for you. We'z two cross eyed star struck lovers. I'm the smelly rose and you're my sweet. Come on out and be my sun and I will show you my moon.

(Turns backside to window upstage and farts. Then he laughs)

Farting is such sweet sorrow.

(Knocks on window)

I can hear you now. "Oh, Rodeo. Oh, Rodeo. Where fartest you, Rodeo."

(Laughs at his own joke)

Oh, Juliet.


Juliet! If you don't come out, you gonna see yonder window break.



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From the published play "Flowers in the Desert" 
ISBN-13: 978-1530169085:

Farting is Such Sweet Sorrow short monologue for male from published play Flowers in the Desert


  1. Do you have a video or audio of this monologue?? please let me know. i need it so badly.
    i'm a student and i'm about to perform this monologue.

  2. this is way too funny.... I think I cracked a rib


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