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Get Better Again - free monologue for male - drama solo stage play script

Jack is a homeless man who finds a wallet full of money and tells his friend about it.

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"Get Better Again" by D. M. Larson
from the play

"Death of an Insurance Salesman" 
ISBN-13: 978-1518665547


Look what I found... A wallet... A nice wallet... It's a treasure. My treasure. I won't show you... No...

You wanna see what's inside don't you? It's pretty nice... So nice. It's green. Lots of green.

He lost it... Finders keepers...

And I know him... I know this man... Here's his picture... See, you know him too... We all know him... Because he's... you know... More than famous... Infamous... So infamously bad...

He hurts people. I've seen it too. Hurts them .... Skkkrttt! 

(Motion across throat) 

Takes them in the alleys and cuts them. There was a struggle this time... She fought back... And he dropped this... My treasure... My greens...

You ok? Why're you not happy for me?  You jealous?

Sick again? Always sick. You need help... Help so bad. I wanna help you. I do. I didn't mean to get mad at you. We're friends.  We're buddies. We got each other's back, right. That's what you said, "I got your back, Jack."

Hey, the green! You can go and get help with my green. You wanna do that? Get better? Go to the hospital and get better. And rest up... They feed you, bathe you... Fix you up. Get you clean again. I love being clean again.

You go... Take it... Take it and get better. See... I have your old coat... You gave it to me. I don't forget...  Take the green, get good again. You was good to me, now I be good to you. Go! Get better.

We all want to get better again.


From the upcoming Book of James project: 1:9 - "Believers in humble circumstances ought to take pride in their high position."

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Get Better Again - free monologue for male - drama solo stage play script

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