Tuesday, June 23, 2015

"I HAD A FLING" over dramatic monologue female from Mystery of the Gangster Ghost

John and I had a fling. It was just playful at first. That's all guys want is a play thing. So that's what I was, his little doll. But when he didn't come around to see me anymore I got sad. I realized I had feelings for him. So when I went looking for him and he told me he didn't want to see me anymore. He'd found somebody else. He wanted a nice girl that he could settle down with.  I was angry that John rejected me. I wanted to ruin what he had with this new girl Sadie. If I couldn't have him, no one could. I made up a story that Sadie was cheating on him with some other guy. John wanted proof. I met him here saying I had something for him. I was ready. I slipped something in his favorite drink.  One last farewell toast and I poisoned him. He struggled. He wanted to live so bad so I strangled him to finish him off. And Sadie. I was glad to kill her too. It was self defense of course. She came at me with a knife but she was so weak. It was easy to take it and shove it tight into her chest. I enjoyed cutting through the heart that took away the only man I ever really loved.


This monologue is from:

"The Mystery of the Gangster Ghost" Can you solve this mystery? It's not easy because this play has several different endings. You can have a different killer each night of your performance. This play has a flexible cast of 6+ females and 8+ males that is ideal for a large cast. 

For more free monologues, go to http://www.freedrama.net/small1.html

over dramatic monologue female from Mystery of the Gangster Ghost

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