Saturday, June 27, 2015

WvP Witches vs Princesses free funny full length stage play script for children - kid comedy teen

The witches have a contest to see who can capture the most princesses. But can the princesses outwit the witches? 

This is a full length comedy play for 23 actors 
(15-22 females 1-7 males)

 Witches vs Princesses free stage play script for kids children
Art by Shiela Larson

WvP Act 1 Scene 1 

WvP Act 1 Scene 2 

WvP Act 1 Scene 3 

WvP Act 2 Scene 1 

WvP Act 2 Scene 2 

WvP Act 2 Scene 3 

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CAST OF CHARACTERS (15-22 females 1-7 males)

AUTHOR -writer of the story
NARRATOR - teller of the story
PRINCESSES KAY, DEE, BEE - three silly princesses who hang out together
MONSTER/TREE- servants of the witches (this part can be combined)
WITCHY - the first witch to enter the One Trick Pony contest
PRINCESS BERTHA - a bully of a princess who is jealous of KATE
FLIM and FLAM - BERTHA’s servants who repeat everything she says
PRINCESS KATE - a kind princess who wants to be a hero
PRINCESS PEA - a princess who can’t sleep
NO BEARD and LONG JANE SILVER - Pirate Princesses
RED RIDING HOOD - a girl in a red cape who doesn’t like a guy (aka wolf)
WITCHILDA - daughter of the Witch Queen who likes to eat snails
MERMAID - she really wants some legs
GWYNDOLIN - the Witch Queen who has a contest
Carey POTTER - a witch who teaches magic - her real name is Scary Potter
LUNA, DRAKO and BELLA - magic students

A Fairy Tale Village and the Witch’s Forest

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