Thursday, June 25, 2015

"KNOWING HE'D KILLER HER" overdramatic monologue for male from free stage play script Mystery of the Gangster Ghost

I didn't want to get involved, but I was tricked into it. Vera told me a sob story about how John was abusing her and forcing her to see him.  I did some checking on him and he was a corrupt cop who looked like he was using and abusing a lot of the ladies around here. I saw he was making moves on one of the gals Cal liked too. She seemed like a nice enough girl and I hated to see him abuse her like he did Vera. John got really possessive over his ladies though and I decided to use that against him. I wrote that note as a way to lure him to the abandoned warehouse. I confronted him there and threatened him. I demanded he leave Vera alone. John refused and got violent. I got angry and wanted him to stop hurting Vera... forever.  But I stopped myself and regained control. I was no killer. I couldn't go through with my threats. Suddenly there was a scream and someone jumped at us with a knife in the darkness. John was so worked up and filled with rage he didn't think twice about fighting off the attacker. He grabbed the knife from her and stabbed her through the heart. He stood over the lifeless body and then started sobbing, "Sadie! Sadie!" He said over and over again. He dropped the knife and held her empty shell in his arms. He screamed at me to go, threatened to kill me too if I didn't leave. I ran, ran for my life. John must have been so upset at killing Sadie that he hung himself. Turns out that he really did love Sadie, so much that he couldn't live knowing he'd killed her.


This monologue is from:

"The Mystery of the Gangster Ghost" Can you solve this mystery? It's not easy because this play has several different endings. You can have a different killer each night of your performance. This play has a flexible cast of 6+ females and 8+ males that is ideal for a large cast. 

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overdramatic monologue for male from free stage play script Mystery of the Gangster Ghost

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