Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Are you looking for an acting agent? Here are some tips for new actors (Freedrama tip #2)

http://www.freedrama.net/acting.html Free tips for Actors (acting tip #2)

Are you looking for an agent?  Here are some tips:

Don't approach one until you have some experience.  Try to get some paid work (like commercials) first.  Build your resume and prove to the agent you can make some money.

You can also get experience doing school plays and community theatre.  Casting directors actually like stage experience.  Stage actors work hard! I've done both and stage acting pushed me to my limits (but I loved it).

And beware of agents who want money up front.  Good agents should only take a percentage.  They might charge for headshots or a portfolio website but those should be optional.  Acting lessons should not be required either (optional as well).  Check SAG's website (Screen Actor's Guild) for a list of approved agents.

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