Friday, October 23, 2015

"Salesman of the Year" monologue for male from Death of an Insurance Salesman

short dramatic monologue
D. M. Larson

(RALPH stops working and looks sadly at a little trophy on his desk)

Salesman of the year. Things looked really good back then. They're not looking so good anymore. They haven't looked good for a long time. Something has to change. I can't keep spinning my wheels like this. I need to move forward or move on. I work hard... I deserve more. I deserve respect. Real, genuine respect. Not just plastic statues, but real meaningful gestures that show I am important to this company. I've worked hard for them. I made this company better. But this place is making me worse.

(Ralph has squeezed the statue and it has broken in his hand. He looks at the broken pieces and then tosses them in the trash. He buries his face in this hands and lights fade to black)



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From the published play "Death of an Insurance Salesman"

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