Friday, October 23, 2015

"The Boogie Man" 2 actors (1m 1f) from Death of an Insurance Salesman

 “The Boogie Man”
a scene for two actors
by D. M. Larson

(MINDY goes up to RALPH'S desk and leaves him a present. She pretends to talk to him)

Hi, I'm Mindy - I've been watching you... no, no sounds creepy. Hi, I'm Mindy. I enjoyed the seminar you have last week on customer service techniques. I thought you were wonderful... Amazing... I mean. No, no... Too much. I found it very informative. I've been to all your staff trainings. I never miss one. I'm always in the front row. I'm always early. I wanted to give you a little something... To let you know that we appreciate all the help you give to the rest of is... To all help you give me. You really care about people... I don't think anyone notices all the hard work you do. But I do. And that's why I wanted to give you this. Because you make a difference... You make a difference for me.

(PETE hears her - comes from shadows. Claps) 

Very touching.

You bastard. Were you listening to me? Why are you so creepy?

You used to like it when I lurked in the shadows, waiting for you.

I never liked that. I've never liked your games.

So now you're turning your attention to Ralphie. 

We're done okay? I told you that. 

Then this is the point in the relationship where I give you a pink slip.

You can't so that... I'll sue you...

My lawyers are way better than your lawyers I'm sure. Besides... When I give a pink slip it's very final. My pink slips are permanent. You'll be done... Never to be heard from again. 

You're scaring me.

For some reason, I like that. I've always liked that. I want people to fear me. That must be what royalty felt like - ruling with an iron fist - having people fear them - cast aside the useless - punish those who won't obey.

(Mindy has left)

Run, run, as fast as you can. You can't get away from me, I'm the boogie man. 



For permission to use this scene, please contact (include the title "The Boogie Man" in your request)


  1. one of my classmate is doing this scene and did not know what it is called and it right there but i love this scene it's good and creepy i love it


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