Tuesday, November 3, 2015

"High Horse" short monologue for female from the play Operation Redneck

"Operation Redneck" is the story of three friends (Julie, Beth and Tina) who are roommates. Julie is dating a city boy named Jacob and he wants to visit her in the small town she lives in.  She is worried about him fitting in and everyone want to help Jacob by turning him into the ultimate redneck like Tina's boyfriend JJ.  

For permission to use this scene, contact doug@freedrama.net (please include the name of the scene “High Horse” in the request).

“High Horse”
by D. M. Larson
(from "Operation Redneck")


How about we give him a makeover?

Something that will make him fit in a little better. We can't have him showing up here in some t-shirt saying "Eat Beef and Die."

Oh, get off your high horse. You know free speech is only free when you talk about what everyone wants to hear. You can't tell me if I went to visit his family wearing a "I eat endangered species for breakfast" t-shirt that they wouldn't get upset at me. Face it. People only express themselves around people who feel the same way.



Read the entire play at: http://www.freedrama.net/opred.html

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