Tuesday, November 3, 2015

"Little People" a comedy scene for 2 actors (1 male 1 female) from the play Operation Redneck

"Operation Redneck" is the story of three friends (Julie, Beth and Tina) who are roommates. Julie is dating a city boy named Jacob and he wants to visit her in the small town she lives in.  She is worried about him fitting in and everyone want to help Jacob by turning him into the ultimate redneck like Tina's boyfriend JJ.  

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“Little People” 
by D. M. Larson
(from "Operation Redneck")

JACOB: What could go wrong?

JULIE: I can think a million things... and then some more.

JACOB: Don't worry, Julie. I have a feeling everything is going to turn out great.

JULIE: I wish I could stop worrying. But I know the people around here and I know my Pa and nothing ever turns out right for me.

JACOB: Think positive. Imagine world peace.

JULIE: I think I need to imagine a good day. That would be good enough for me.

JACOB: Before you go, can I ask you a question?

JULIE: Sure.

JACOB: This is the first time I've observed you in your natural habitat and I have to admit you're a very different person.

JULIE: (worried) Oh?

JACOB: In the city, you're confident and up for any kind of challenge. Here you're timid and almost afraid. (He can see JULIE is upset) Now I don't love you any less for it, please don't think that's what I'm saying. In fact, it means a lot to me that you're willing to show your vulnerable side.

JULIE: I have been so worried about how you'd react to the nervous wreck side of me.

JACOB: I love her just as much as the other Julie. In fact this side of you makes me feel needed, like you need me to take care of you.

JULIE: Is that good or bad?

JACOB: Good. Very good. (They kiss)

JULIE: Thanks, Jacob.

JACOB: Can I ask you something else?

JULIE: Sure.

JACOB: If this town and your family ties you up in knots like this, why did you come back again?

JULIE: For some reason, no matter how poorly I'm made to feel, I feel some strange connection to this town. It's probably some elaborate form of brain washing, but it didn't take my father much time to convince me to return. He really did need my help though.

JACOB: With his laundry?

JULIE: Not just that. He really needed to know that he hadn't been rejected by me after mom left.

JACOB: That's amazing, Julie. I know so many people in the city who think the ultimate act of kindness is putting their parents in a home. What you're doing seems much more civilized. Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned from the little people.

JULIE: Please don't let my daddy hear you call him the "little people."

JACOB: How about "country bumpkins" or "hicks from the sticks"?

JULIE: How about neither.

JACOB: I was kidding.

JULIE: I hope so.

JACOB: (Kisses her on the forehead) Run along to the store and get those things for me and I'll whip us up a meal you'll never forget.

JULIE: I certainly can agree that someone is going to whip up something.

JACOB: Think positive. Now go. I have a masterpiece to prepare.



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