Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Work at Home - How to start a work from home business

Why does everyone want to work at home?  For me, it's because I love my family and I love my home.

Perhaps we long for the olden days where the family all worked together at home on the farm. The family was a team.

And we hate traffic. I'm sick and tired of traffic. Road rage is getting out of hand. Now people are even shooting at each other!

The Internet gives us a chance to bring the family home again.

So how do you create a work from home business?

Key step 1 to working at home - Focus on something you love, not money.

Find a niche' - discover a passion for something and do something with that.

That's how I got started with Freedrama.net - I had a love of writing and I decided to share my scripts with people for free online.

That is a nice lead into my next tip...

Key work from home step 2 - Create a website or blog and offer something free.

Don't expect people to give you money because you say your product is good. Give them a free sample of what you're selling. And believe it or not, you can profit from free stuff. Yes, free stuff can still make you money which takes us to...

Key step 3 for working at home - Use online ads. 

I have tried a lot of online ad services. Google Adsense is #1. My second favorite is Insticator.com because it works with Adsense and has a fun interactive element with Trivia and polls built in. Inticator gives you a great way to connect to your website users.

My third choice would be Ezoic. They have a lot of options and help you with website and ad layouts. 

Key work from home step 4 - Get the word out.

Ads won't work if no one goes to your website. Post about your business on popular blogs, bulletin boards, Facebook, Twitter and any other social network you are familiar with. Facebook brings the most visitors for me but if you have a good command of other social networks, they are worth trying too. 

If you are focused on local customers, Craig's list and Google business could be good too.

Then create low cost ads with Fiverr.com for as low as $5. Fiverr is a goldmine of resources.

And if all that doesn't all work...start a farm :)


Find out more about my work at home business Freedrama.net at this link http://www.freedrama.net (don't worry, everything is free and there's no tricks or hidden promotions like some Work from Home websites).  

Feel free to ask questions below or email doug@freedrama.net with your feedback.


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