Monday, May 16, 2016

"Don't Sacrifice Yourself" environmental themed duologue for 2 actors

"Don't Sacrifice Yourself" by D. M. Larson
Duologue from 
(page 42)

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WOLF (Goes DLC to a lower part of the stage [if possible]. Lights come up on FOX caught in a trap) Fox! (Rushes to him)

FOX (Weakly) Wolf, I'm caught.

WOLF Let me free you. (Starts at trap) It won't budge.

FOX (Sniffing) Smell that?

WOLF (Stops and sniffs) It's a Man!

FOX Leave me. Save yourself.

WOLF (Struggling with trap) No! Just give me a second.

FOX It's no use. Get out of here.

WOLF I can't leave you.

FOX The Man's getting closer. Get away, quick!

WOLF He'll kill you.

FOX He'll kill both of us if you don't go. Run!

WOLF But...

FOX Don't sacrifice yourself. My time has come. Go and find your paradise. (Closes eyes) I shall soon be in mine. I will be far, far away... (Pause. Opens eyes) ...out of the hands of Men and into paradise.

WOLF (Sadly) Peace, my friend. (Peace) Say hello to the Great Spirit for me.

FOX (Tries to smile) Long life, my friend. (Lies down and closes eyes. WOLF lingers a moment than darts away. Lights fade to black)


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