Tuesday, May 17, 2016

"My Homeland is Ruined" environmental themed acting monologue from published play

"My Homeland is Ruined"
by D. M. Larson
From the published play 
page 5

(To herself)
 When, I saw those mighty Man vessels break through the ice into my domain twelve moons ago, I could feel the danger. The ice parted before them, unable to resist. The scars still remain. At the last moon, I was awakened by an overwhelming and choking smell of the black liquid Man came to my home for. My eyes are weak, but I could still see what they had done. Their mighty vessels had been split open by the rocks in the sea and their treasure of the dark liquid seeped out, blackening the once blue waters.

(Stopping and expressing disgust)

The smell is unbearable...


...and my homeland is ruined. My food that is in the sea has been spoiled and I am hungry. Many of my friends have either moved on or passed away. Man has robbed us of our beautiful home.

 (About in tears, BEAR stops and tries to keep control of whatever emotion she has left)


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