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Snow White Rose Red Part 1 The Angel and the Dwarf free stage play script for children


The Forgotten Grimm Brother Fairy Tale of
The Ungrateful Dwarf  
(The Story of Snow White and Rose Red)
By D. M. Larson

PART 1 SCENE - The Angel and the Dwarf

This was once a peaceful land where human and beast lived in harmony. Nature put its trust in humanity to care for the land and take only what was needed. Caretakers not takers. Givers as well as receivers. Finding balance. But a new threat emerged from deep within the Earth. These dark creatures tunneled through the ground and carved out treasures.  They hunted for all that glittered and sparkled in the darkness. These greedy creatures are known to many as the dwarves. Once there were a few scattered groups, but now they overran the forest, digging holes and hoarding their treasures in caves, tearing up the Earth and giving nothing in return.

Boring! Why do you bore these people with your sad tale?

Be gone little creature. You are not welcome here.

I go where I want and take all I find. This is my land now. Your lazy humans can’t see the potential here. They’re too dumb to see the treasures beneath their feet.  Underground… that’s where your precious Earth tries to hide jewels and gold and silver selfishly for itself.  But the dwarves, we know where to find it.  And find it all we will.

You will be stopped… I have called forth our greatest warrior… the Prince…

The prince!  Ha!  I have dealt with the Prince.

What have you done?

A spell… I used magic… now he is gone.

Dark magic… you are evil creatures indeed.  You will pay for your ill deeds.

I will be paid with treasure.  With your precious prince out of the way.  There is no one who can stop us.  No one.

(DWARF exits… Lights come up on a cottage)

Perhaps there is another way. If a warrior can not stop this dwarven threat then other means must be found. I will seek out good to fight the evil.  Kindness to undo this greed.


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