Saturday, June 11, 2016

Snow White Rose Red Part 2 Wild Rose free stage play for kids

The Forgotten Grimm Brother Fairy Tale of The Ungrateful Dwarf (The Story of Snow White and Rose Red) By D. M. Larson


(The scene is in front of an old woman’s cottage.  There are two large rose bushes, one white and one red, in front of the cottage. MOTHER feeds the RABBIT, DEER and BIRDS)

Don’t worry little ones. There is enough for all of you.

A kind old woman lived alone in a cottage deep in the woods. She was loved the forest and nature was generous to her in return. Outside her cottage grew two beautiful rose bushes. One was a deep red. The other was white as snow. She was blessed with two children who were like the roses. One she called Snow White, the other Rose Red.

(Snow White and Rose Red emerge from behind the rose bushes. Actors dresses as animals - birds, rabbits, deer, butterflies, etc. gather.  Rose Red exits. Snow White goes to them with treats and pets them and hugs them. Rose Red enters covered in a big brown robe with her head hidden and she growls loudly and waves her arm)

Eeek! It’s a bear!

Run away!

(DEER freezes and the other animals run away)

It’s okay everyone!  It’s just Rose.

(SNOW pulls off the brown robe and ROSE laughs)

You should have seen your faces!

(ROSE pretends to be a scared deer)

I didn’t look like that.  Did I?

(SNOW gives the DEER a hug)

You were very brave.  You stayed and protected me.

Yeah!  That’s what I did.


Sure, sure. You’re a real hero.

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