Saturday, June 11, 2016

Snow White Rose Red Part 11 Brave fairy tale free school play for children

The Forgotten Grimm Brother Fairy Tale of The Ungrateful Dwarf (The Story of Snow White and Rose Red) By D. M. Larson


Silly rabbit. He is braver than you bear.

I am too tired to be brave.

Poor bear. Lie down by the fire. Just be careful not to burn your fur.
Don't worry girls. He won’t hurt you. He is a kind and gentle bear.

Could you help me brush the snow from my fur?

The girls saw they were safe and helped the bear. They brought out a broom and brushed the snow off the bear. He stretched out by the fire and growled happily. The bear became their friend and the girls enjoyed playing tricks him. They pulled on his hair, swatted him with brooms and rolled him around. They would be very rough with him and when he growled it made them laugh. The bear was a good sport most of the time but when they were too rough he would call out...

Leave me alone! Snow White! Rose Red! Will you beat me until I’m dead?

(Every night the mother said to the bear)

You can stay here and warm yourself by the fire and be safe from the cold winter night.

Each morning the bear would go out into the forest.  Then he would return every evening at the same time and lay down by the fire. He would let the girls would play with him as much as they wanted. He visited so often that they began to wait each night for him to arrive. When spring had come and it was green again, the bear said one morning...

I will be going away and will not come back until summer ends.

Where are you going, Dear Bear?

I must go and protect my treasures from the dreadful dwarves.  The ground is frozen in the winter which keeps the dwarves underground.  When the spring thaws the ground, they break through and steal whatever treasures they can lay their little hands on.

I have grown fond of you.

And I of you.

What of me?

You are a pest.

Snow White sadly opened the door and the bear hurried away. A piece of his fur caught against the lock and torn off. She swore she saw gold underneath his fur. The bear ran quickly into the woods.

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