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Snow White Rose Red Part 12 Stuck in a Tree fairy fairy tale free stage play for acting kids

The Forgotten Grimm Brother Fairy Tale of The Ungrateful Dwarf (The Story of Snow White and Rose Red) By D. M. Larson


(Dwarf comes on with his beard stuck in a tree. Pulls tree in)

A few days later their mother sent the girls to find firewood in the forest.  They saw a dead tree that had fallen and near the trunk was something strange jumping back and forth in the grass nearby. When they got closer, they could see it was a dwarf. The end of his beard was caught in the tree and the little guy was jumping around like a mad dog tied to a rope, unable to get free.

Don’t just stand there! Come here and help me!

What happened little man?

You stupid nosey goose!  

If you don’t want our help, we’ll be on our way.

Fine. I’ll tell you nosey nellies what happened. Geez. What happened to a person’s right to privacy?  Well… I was going to split the tree to get some wood for cooking the little bit of food I have. We don’t eat as much as you fat greedy people! I drove a wedge into the tree and all was going as planned… But the wretched wood sprang back so quickly that it caught my beautiful beard so now it is stuck here while you silly girls stand there and laugh at me!
Ugh! You disgust me!

(The girls tried their best to pull the beard out but it was really stuck)

I will go and find some help.

You stupid goose! Why find someone else? There are already two too many of you. Think!

Don’t worry. I will help you. Hold still.

(Snow White pulled out some scissor and cut off the end of his beard. As soon as the dwarf is free, he grabs a bag of gold from the tree)

Uncivilized people who cut off my beautiful beard like that. Bad luck to you!

(And then he swings his bag on his back and goes off without thanking the girls for their help)


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