Monday, June 13, 2016

Superhero Support Group Part 1 free comedy stage play script

Superhero Support Group by D. M. Larson
Part 1

  • From the published play "Between Good and Evil"
  • ISBN-13: 978-1502982308 
  • by D. M. Larson available on 

(Spotlight comes up on a Superhero, Speedo, sitting in a chair.  A figure sits near him but in the darkness.)

I'm fast... so fast no one can see me.  I thought I had something special... something I could help people with, but it ended up being a joke.  Everyone started calling me Speedo.  That's one of them guy's swim suits... not a flattering one either... Have you seen a guy in a speedo?  Yuck.

How fast are you?

You know that pen that was in your pocket a second ago?  Here it is.

That is fast.

(Doctor thinks.)

How about a chocolate fudge candy bar... wait... with almonds.

(Speedo holds it out to her.)

That's what everyone wants me to do... fetch stuff... I should be called Errand Boy.

And that's why you want to get rid of your power... this burden that haunts you... it ruins your life.


I can do that for you... I can take away this hardship in your life... this curse... forever.

*Dramatic superhero music*

Speedo and Doctor exit.


From the published play "Superhero Support Group" 

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