Friday, October 28, 2016

In For Murder monologue from published stage play script Somebody Famous

by D. M. Larson

If I tell you what she’s in prison for, then you won’t say anything to the Captain?

(Waits for reply and then nods)

Fine. She’s a red shirt. She’s in for murder.

(Likes the reaction he gets so he plays it up)

She was in this murder mystery on Broadway and she killed the entire cast. For real. And nobody knew it until the play was over. I mean like all the actors were supposed to pretend to die but she really was killing them. They don’t know why she did it either.  She didn’t even go for an insanity plea. She was calm and collected in the trial. And she checked out fine on all the tests for mental stability. And now she’s going to be acting in a play with all of you…



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Copyright (c) 2016

From "Somebody Famous" by D. M. Larson is a comedy stage play script for 5 women and 2 men now available from ISBN-13: 978-1539753483

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