Friday, October 28, 2016

Better World Tomorrow monologue from published play Somebody Famous

by D. M. Larson

Well, you’re gonna make it work. The warden got the money for this project and he’s not giving the money back. And with a big name like Ms. Street involved, this will bring a lot of much needed media attention for the warden. The warden is publishing a book and we hope to have this little play ready for the day it hits the bookstores. He had some writer come in and help him but it’s his book. It’s his plan for reforming the entire prison system in our country. He gave me an advance copy. It’s called “More Prisons Today, A Better World Tomorrow.”



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From "Somebody Famous" by D. M. Larson is a comedy stage play script for 5 women and 2 men now available from ISBN-13: 978-1539753483

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