Saturday, April 29, 2017

"Internet Kills" free short acting monologue for male or female actor 1 minute solo script

1 minute monologue
by D. M. Larson

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First the arcades. Now the video stores. Everything I love is closing. The mall is next. Nothing will be left for those of us who like to see the light of day. The internet is killing everything I love. I loved arcades. I loved seeing how long I could make a quarter last.


Who even carries quarters anymore? I used to carry a million of them in my pockets. I’d jingle when I walked. I’d check the pay-phones for forgotten coins… even the pay-phones are gone! This isn’t my world anymore. It’s been destroyed by data clouds and bit streaming. Nothing is real. I just want to touch something and share it with people around me. I want to see someone’s face when I talk to them, look them in the eye and know who they really are. I want to people to show some respect to each other. When you have to say something face to face, you’re kinder and more careful. But now, we’re alone, cut off from each other, casting insults and huddling in our caves, fearing the unknown.



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