Monday, April 24, 2017

"Never Meet Your Heroes" free acting monologue for male or female actor

"Never Meet Your Heroes"
1 minute monologue
by D. M. Larson

Copyright (c) 2017 All Rights Reserved
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Never meet your heroes. Heroes are more of an idea than a fact. We believe in them, but they do not believe in themselves. They are flawed, imperfect and damaged like the rest of us. Their greatness grows in our minds and evolves into a myth that we recite over and over until we believe it without question.

The best heroes are the dead ones. They never disappoint us. We can believe all we want about them and it’s less likely that we’ll learn the truth. Their glorious stories begin to cement in our minds and the darkness of their lives fade into the dawn of our expectations. Heroes are never born; we create them. They spring from our minds and are given power by our imaginations.



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