Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Words for Peace new poem by D. M. Larson

I decided to share something a little different than my usual script writing. Here is some poetry. Read! Enjoy! Discuss!


a poem
by D. M. Larson

Words are precious nourishment for my soul
Conserving wise words, which will make me whole
An internal fortress keeps me alive
In silent sanctuary, I survive

Survive the hidden anguish of harsh words
Under siege by slander I often heard
Angry words echo, driving me insane
Leaving me in agony from the pain

Pain haunting the recesses of my soul
A hazardous quest transforming me whole  
And quench my craving for affirmation
Apparitions of imagination

Imagination will help reassure     
Hoping companions will help me endure
I covet kind words that provide release
Restoring a most precious inner peace

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