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D. M. Larson

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Cast of Characters
JAMIE (female) - A teen-age girl who has run away from a conflict at home to stay with her Aunt Betty (MA) in order to have some time to think things out.
SAM (female) - Samantha fun loving teen-age girl who likes to be on top of things. She has a mischievous spirit and loves to joke around.
SARGE (male) - A veteran of the Vietnam War who is in charge of a group home for troubled girls. He is kind hearted but quite firm when things get out of hand.
MA (female) - A strong willed woman who is always in command of every situation. She is loving and keeps things running smoothly... most of the time.
PAULA (female) - A simple teen-age girl who is very enthusiastic about God and wants to help both people and animals. She tries to be a guiding light and a good example to others but her reasoning ability is sometimes impaired.
SHELLY (female) - A self-declared teen-age beauty queen who appears very in love with herself on the outside, yet feels quite different on the inside.
TINA (female) - An angry teen-age girl who finds reasons to hate everyone. She is good friends with Shelly but doesn't let anyone else get close to her.

LINC (male) – Lincoln Jefferson Jones (aka Jeffy) is a boy who falls in love with Shelly.
CONNIE (female) - Jamie's mother
TOM (male) - Connie's boyfriend
Time and Place
Spring 1987. George, Washington. A remote group home for girls.



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