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D. M. Larson

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Cast of Characters
JAMIE (female) - A teen-age girl who has run away from a conflict at home to stay with her Aunt Betty (MA) in order to have some time to think things out.
SAM (female) - Samantha fun loving teen-age girl who likes to be on top of things. She has a mischievous spirit and loves to joke around.
SARGE (male) - A veteran of the Vietnam War who is in charge of a group home for troubled girls. He is kind hearted but quite firm when things get out of hand.
MA (female) - A strong willed woman who is always in command of every situation. She is loving and keeps things running smoothly... most of the time.
PAULA (female) - A simple teen-age girl who is very enthusiastic about God and wants to help both people and animals. She tries to be a guiding light and a good example to others but her reasoning ability is sometimes impaired.
SHELLY (female) - A self-declared teen-age beauty queen who appears very in love with herself on the outside, yet feels quite different on the inside.
TINA (female) - An angry teen-age girl who finds reasons to hate everyone. She is good friends with Shelly but doesn't let anyone else get close to her.

LINC (male) – Lincoln Jefferson Jones (aka Jeffy) is a boy who falls in love with Shelly.
CONNIE (female) - Jamie's mother
TOM (male) - Connie's boyfriend
Time and Place
Spring 1987. George, Washington. A remote group home for girls.


About Flowers in the Desert

"Flowers in the Desert" is a full length play scripts about a group home for troubled girls isolated in the desert. Ma and Sarge watch over the girls and try to guide the teens to make better decisions for their lives, but it proves to be as challenging as growing flowers in the desert.

Background on the play Flowers in the Desert by D. M. Larson 
I often get questions about this play, so here is a little bit on the inspiration for the play:

"Flowers in the Desert" is based on my grandparents experiences running a group home for troubled youth. The characters in the script, especially Ma and Sarge, are based on real people and some of the moments in the script are based on stories they told me. Their group home was in Washington State and they worked with youth in the 1960s and 70s. I started writing this play in the 1990s and have changes the time period and setting many times from Washington to Idaho to New Mexico and from the 70s to the present. I don't think the setting or time period is important; honoring these amazing people who had a major impact on my life matters more. This is one of my favorite plays I've written because of that special connection to my grandparents. I hope this play keeps their memory alive and captures the spirit of how amazing they were.






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