Tuesday, September 12, 2017

"Dotty's New Show" Part 2 comedy play for 5 actors

“Dotty’s New Show” by D. M. Larson based on the comic book "Dizzy Dames" by Steven Rowe and Ogden Whitney (This is a public domain comic book available on http://comicbookplus.com/)

(OFFICER arrives. CAMERA OPERATOR keeps camera recording)

OFFICER: What seems to be the trouble here?

DIGBY: This woman has been mistreated by this man over here.


OFFICER: What did he do, ma’am?

DOTTY: I’m so upset. I can hardly speak.

(REPORTER starts to sneak away and OFFICER grabs him)

OFFICER: Come here you.

REPORTER: Let me go! She’s nuts!

(OFFICER turns to DIGBY)

OFFICER: Can you tell me what’s going on, sir?

DIGBY: I’m not sure exactly, but she seems quite upset about it.

OFFICER: Miss, you’re going to have to tell what this man did to you.

DOTTY: He… he… asked me to be on his television program, but refused to give me time to prepare myself, so he asked someone else instead.

(OFFICER pauses. DIGBY shrugs. DOTTY pouts. OFFICER lets go of REPORTER)

REPORTER: See, I told you she was nuttier than a walnut grove.

OFFICER: Maybe you better find another street to do your broadcast.

REPORTER: Good idea.

DOTTY: You mean you’re not going to arrest him?!


DOTTY: At least make him put me on TV.


DIGBY: That seems fair, officer.


OFFICER: What do you say?

DIGBY: Give her a chance.

CAMERA OPERATOR: Studio says yes.

REPORTER: Fine. Step right over her, miss.

(DOTTY pulls out her makeup again. OFFICER and DIGBY give her a thumbs up and exit)

REPORTER: You look great. Let’s get started. Are you rolling?

CAMERA OPERATOR: I never stopped.

REPORTER: Great. Okay, then. This is your “Man on the Street” interviewing a young lady…

DOTTY: I’m Dotty! That’s Dot with a “t” “y.”

REPORTER: Sure… so here is your question.

DOTTY: I’m ready!

REPORTER: What do you think of the the government’s current tax structure?

DOTTY: I think it’s beautiful!

REPORTER: You think it’s beautiful?

DOTTY: Certainly! It’s one of the prettiest government buildings. Very old but very well maintained. A classic. Highly underrated.

REPORTER: Okay, whatever. Goodbye, miss.

DOTTY: Wait! That’s it?! Where’s my prize?

REPORTER: What prize?!

(DOTTY bursts into tears and cries loudly. OFFICER and DIGBY rush back)

OFFICER: What’s going on here?

DIGBY: What did this guy do to you this time?

OFFICER: I’m taking you in.

REPORTER: What? No! Wait!

(OFFICER grabs REPORTER and DOTTY takes his microphone)

DOTTY: Still rolling?


DOTTY: Hello, America! This is your “Woman on the Street” reporting to you live. Let’s ask this fine gentleman the question of the day.

DIGBY: Oh, why, of course. Hello, America.

DOTTY: So, what do you think of my new show?

DIGBY: I love it!

DOTTY: You heard it here first, folks. He loves it.

(They all laugh. DOTTY points off stage and the CAMERA OPERATOR follows her)




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