Tuesday, September 12, 2017

"Dotty's New Show" Part 1 comedy scene for 5 actors

“Dotty’s New Show” by D. M. Larson based on the comic book "Dizzy Dames" by Steven Rowe and Ogden Whitney (This is a public domain comic book available on http://comicbookplus.com/)

(1 female, 1 male, 3 other - 5 total)

DOTTY: (female) Woman who dreams of being on television.

REPORTER: (male) TV reporter who interviews random people on the street.

CAMERA OPERATOR: Runs the camera (written for male but can be female)

DIGBY: One of the random people REPORTER tries to interview (written for male but can be female)

OFFICER: Police officer (can be played by male or female)

This is a companion scene that goes with “Our Big Break”


(DOTTY is wearing her coat and has her purse and is walking up to a bus stop. A couple of men rush up to her. One has a reporter style television camera and the other has a microphone)

REPORTER: Pardon, Miss, but you’re on live television!

DOTTY: I thought this was a bus stop?

(REPORTER talks to the CAMERA OPERATOR who is recording)

REPORTER: Well, ladies and gentlemen, here we are again with “your man in the street” telecast, the program that brings you commentary by ordinary citizens on the vital questions of the day. Here’s a young lady waiting for a bus. I’ll see if I can ask her a few questions. Pardon, Miss, but would you like to be on television?

DOTTY: On television? Oh, I’d love to!

REPORTER: Fine! Step right here in front of our camera.

(DOTTY opens her purse and pulls out a little mirror)

DOTTY: I wonder if I’d look better with my hair up?  I should take this bow out of my hair.  And a little more lipstick.

REPORTER: Please, miss. That really isn’t necessary.

DOTTY: It certainly is. A girl has to look her best for her big break in television! My whole career might be riding on this. I can’t ruin my chances.

REPORTER: But this will only take a moment.

CAMERA OPERATOR: Forget it. The studio went to commercial. Let’s talk to someone else.

(They find DIGBY and stop him. DOTTY is still getting ready)

CAMERA OPERATOR (CONT.): We’re live in 3, 2, 1...

REPORTER: How do you do, sir? This is “your man in the street” telecast. May I ask your name?

(DOTTY jumps in front of REPORTER and DIGBY so the camera is focused on her)

DOTTY: Hi! My name is Dotty.

CAMERA OPERATOR: Hey, lady! You’re too close to the camera.

REPORTER: Excuse me, miss, but we’re interviewing this gentleman now.

DOTTY: You asked me to be on your show and now you cast me aside. It’s Hollywood wolves like you that girls have to be careful of these days. You and your empty promises of fame and fortune. “Be on my television program! I’ll make you a star!” Promises! Promises! That’s all they are.

REPORTER: Good grief, miss. Are you nuts? All I did…

DOTTY: There! That proves you’re a snake! Calling me crazy in front of millions of viewers! Pretending like you don’t know me, like you’ve never seen me before.

(REPORTER realizes CAMERA OPERATOR still has camera rolling)

REPORTER: Are we still live? Why didn’t you cut?

CAMERA OPERATOR: This is great stuff.

REPORTER: No, it’s not.

DOLLY: Now, you’re saying I’m a bad actress too.


(DIGBY goes to DOLLY who is upset, over dramatic crying)

DIGBY: Are you okay, miss? Did this man do something to you?

(DOLLY is mad now and points at REPORTER)

DOLLY: Girls of America, beware! Remember this face! Don’t let his serpent tongue trick you as it did me!

DIGBY: He deserves a good thrashing. Let him have it, miss.

REPORTER: Cut the camera feed, you idiot! Someone please remove this woman!

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