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"In My Underwear" comedy monologue for male actor - humorous acting for men

“In My Underwear” by D. M. Larson
comedy monologue for male

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Hi… uh… I’m… well… here. And… I… I’m supposed to be… uh… well… kind of forgot… what I’m supposed to say. I… I’m sorry. This is terrible. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. I was supposed to get up here and do something amazing. Instead, I… I’m a mess. I don’t remember anything. I don’t remember my lines. I don’t remember my song. I’m not even sure I remember where I am. What day is this? Please tell me that this is the wrong place or the wrong day or something. Or maybe this is a bad dream.

(covers eyes)

Someone pinch me and wake me up. And please tell me this isn’t one of those dreams where I am on stage in my underwear and everyone is laughing at me.

(slowly uncovers eyes and looks at self)

Oh, good. I’m not in my underwear. I mean I am in my underwear... but not on the outside... without clothes.

I’m going to go now. This was all just a dream. You just imagined me coming on stage and making a fool of myself. Just close your eyes and pretend like I’m not here. Close your eyes. Go on. I see you peeking.

(When eyes are closed… sneaks off)

I was never here.


This become a female version
which is now
from the published play
“Blondes Prefer Gentlemen”
ISBN-13: 978-1985331877
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