Sunday, September 10, 2017

"Our Big Break" Part 2 comedy scene for 4 female actors

This is a comedy scene is for four female actors from the script "Our Big Break" by D. M. Larson based on the comic book "Dizzy Dames" by Steven Rowe and Ogden Whitney
(This is a public domain comic book available on

The entire script "Our Big Break" is for 6 actors (4 female 2 male)
Buy a low cost PDF of "Our Big Break" at


DOTTY: Do you have a tough time getting tips out of these guys as I do, Denise?

DENISE: The only reason we’re doing these stupid jobs is to get a chance at performing in the club. We’d be way better than those screechy Gazelle Sisters. One of them saw a rat and screamed and jumped on a table and the club manager thought she was auditioning and signed them up.

DOTTY: Here they come.

(GABBY and GRETTA enter. They are snotty, overdressed singers)

DENISE: Check your brooms, girls?

DOTTY: Coffee? Cake? Cyanide?

GABBY: Still jealous, slaves?

(GABBY and GRETTA toss their huge coats at DENISE who is hit by them and falls down)

DOTTY: Let’s face it, Denise. It looks like we’re never gonna see our names in lights.

DENISE: You know what we’re doing wrong, Dotty? We need to stop waiting around for our big break. We need to make this happen.  Instead waiting around here for a year to make our big break, we’re going to make it happen in an hour.

DOTTY: Really?

DENISE: Watch the hat check for me. Look for a big hat and coat too. Something manly and official looking.

(DENISE exits. DOTTY looks confused by obeys. DENISE returns giggling)

DOTTY: What did you do?

DENISE: You’ll see. Put on the hat and coat.


DENISE: You’re going to play doctor.

DOTTY: My mama told me to stop doing that years ago.

DENISE: Can you talk in a deep voice like a man?

(DOTTY tries)

DOTTY: I suppose.

DENISE: Let’s see if all those improv classes paid off.

DOTTY: Oh, improv. That’s “yes, and…” and all that stuff.


DOTTY: And… oh, I forget what’s next.

(GABBY and GRETTA scream. DENISE claps happily)

DENISE: Here they come.

(GABBY and GRETTA enter. Their faces are covered in weird colors)

GABBY: What’s wrong with your face?

GRETTA: What’s wrong with yours?

GABBY: I’m breaking out!

GRETTA: Get away from me. I might catch it!

GABBY: But you have the same thing.



Buy a low cost PDF of "Our Big Break" at

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