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"Our Big Break" Part 3 comedy scene for 5 actors (4 female 1 male)

This is a comedy scene is for five actors (1 male and 4 female) from the script "Our Big Break" by D. M. Larson based on the comic book "Dizzy Dames" by Steven Rowe and Ogden Whitney (This is a public domain comic book available on

The entire script "Our Big Break" is for 6 actors (4 female 2 male)
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(MORTON the manager rushes in)

MANNY: What’s going on?!

GRETTA: She’s breaking out.

GABBY: So is she!

MORTON: Your faces!  What happened?

GRETTA: We’ve caught something! Get a doctor!

(DENISE grabs DOTTY in disguise)

DENISE: A doctor just came in...

DOTTY: Yes… and… I am… a doctor.

MORTON: Can you help them, doc?

DOTTY: Yes… and… yes.

DENISE: This is Doctor Dottle - the world-famous diagnostician.

MORTON: This is nothing serious, it it? Just a rash or something?

DOTTY: Rash-pash! This is the rare green-spotted fever! Not fatal, but contagious! These girls must be quarantined.


DENISE: Nice one, Dotty.

MORTON: Back to your dressing room, girls. Do as the doctor orders.

GRETTA: This is horrible!

GABBY: What are we going to do?

(GRETTA and GABBY exit)

MORTON: The club is packed. Where am I going to find another act to perform at the last minute?

DENISE: I can sing, Mr. Morton. So can Dotty.

DOTTY: Yes, I can… uh… yes, she can.

DENISE: Give this music to the band. Dotty and I will be ready in a flash.

MORTON: Hurry. You’re on in a few minutes.

(MORTON rushes out. When MORTON is gone, DENISE whips out some costumes)

DENISE: Let’s put these on.

DOTTY: You’re prepared! I’m impressed.

DENISE: This is our big chance. I’m not going to blow it.

(DOTTY and DENISE get into their new outfits, just adding fancy stuff to their current clothing)

DOTTY: I need to warm up.

DENISE: Sure, let’s sing…

(They sing and dance badly. MORTON enters and sighs)

MORTON: There’s going to be a riot.

(GRETTA and GABBY yell and they stop)

DOTTY: That didn’t sound good.

DENISE: Oh, no. They’re on to us.

(GRETTA and GABBY return)

GRETTA: You tricked us!

GABBY: You put something in our makeup!

(GRETTA and GABBY enter angry with the makeup)

GRETTA: You did this to us!

GABBY: Let’s give these gals a makeover!

(GRETTA and GABBY attack DOTTY and DENISE with the makeup)

MORTON: Ladies! Please!

(The four ladies struggle and crash into MORTON. They struggle and head out into the club area. The band starts playing and the audience starts cheering and laughing as the girls are fighting are screaming)

MORTON (CONT.): Wait a minute. The audience loves it! They must think it is part of the show. Listen to them cheer. I’ve never seen the audience so excited. This might be our biggest hit yet. I wonder if they could do this again tomorrow night.

(MORTON runs off excited. Then he runs back in with the ladies fighting behind him. They cross the stage doing battle. MORTON pushes them back to the club area. The audience cheers. MORTON claps his hands and returns to the club area)


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