Sunday, November 19, 2017

Here we live in harmony. No one controls the Moon. We share and live together as one people, the people of Earth.

by D. M. Larson
Copyright (c) 2017

The world is on fire and we watch it burn from the tranquility of our lunar landscape. The calm of the dusty darkness is something the Earth has never known. We live here, embraced by the Moon, tucked away in the tunnels of her heart.

Greed evolved into unrest on the planet below. We escaped the politics of profit here on the Moon. We are united for survival, working together for the greater good. No weapons; only words and work. On Earth, they have too much free time to make problems, problems that have led to this: the burning.

From the ashes, will they rise again a better people? Will they touch the fire and learn from the pain, or keep wandering lost in clouds of ignorance?

They say we gave up so much to live here, but instead we gained everything. I am happy I dedicated my life to living in this outpost of humanity. Our children will never know the pain and suffering of Earth. They will never know the high price of profit. We have a mission to focus on. The people of Earth need a mission too. One that will guide them and lead them from the chaos.

But I shouldn’t be too critical of our home planet. The Earth sacrificed for us and gave us the best it had to offer. We have everything we need to survive and flourish on this distant outpost, because our people wanted to give us the best chance at survival in this unforgiving environment. Yet, the Moon has been forgiving of the mistakes we made below and gave us best lives possible, untouched by the catastrophe below.

What if there is nothing left?  I sometimes wonder if that is our purpose here on the Moon. We are preparing, preparing for our return. We will return humanity to Earth, pick up the pieces, and start again. We will survive the destruction and make Earth better. We will be the Phoenix that rises from the ashes of the fire.


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