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Outlaws of Candy Kitchen Part 2 melodrama stage play script

Outlaws of Candy Kitchen
Part 2

(There's a knock at the door: shave and a haircut.  Everyone freezes)
FLO gets AUDIENCE to call:  the secret knock!

BONNEY: It's the secret knock. Open the door.

(BERTHA opens the door and kids PEGGY and POLLY walk in)

BERTHA: Who are you?

(Everyone looks curiously at POLLY and PEGGY)
PEGGY: I'm Peggy.
POLLY:  I'm Polly.
BONNEY: How can I help you?

PEGGY: The sign outside said, "Cactus Candy."  Can we buy some?

BONNEY: Well, not exactly.

POLLY: You closed?

BONNEY: Well.... sort of.

PEGGY: Sort of?


POLLY:  What's everybody drinking?  

(Goes to drink from JOHN's cup)

BONNEY: (Grabs cup from POLLY)  Uh…

PEGGY: You selling hooch?

BONNEY:  Please, kids.  You've got to go.

POLLY:  As young loyal citizens of this wonderful nation, it is our duty to tell the local authorities…
(JOHN pulls out gun)

That we didn't see a thing.

BERTHA: Good choice.

JOHN:  Yeap.  (passes out again)

PEGGY: Can I ask one thing?

BONNEY: Shoot.   (JOHN sits up)


BONNEY: Sorry. Bad choice of words.  (Waves JOHN off)

PEGGY:   I see you around town.  You seem like such a nice lady.  Why is such a good person like you running a bad place like this?

BONNEY: It's a long story. It all starts will my poor old grandmother…


POLLY: She's ill?

BONNEY: No, she's dead. And she left me my poor, sick grandpappy here to care for…


POLLY: Alone? Without any help?

BONNEY: My mother helped for a time. But then they both got sick and died and left my father to care for all us kids.

AUDIENCE:  Ahhh...

POLLY: So you're helping your father?

BONNEY: Well, he died too.

AUDIENCE:  Ahhhh...
PEGGY: I'm so sorry.

BONNEY: (Now she's in tears) And now I'm left alone to care for my poor brothers and sisters. All twenty-seven of them…

POLLY: Twenty-seven!

BONNEY: Some are adopted.

PEGGY: Of course.

BONNEY: (Sobbing) There's Ricky and Jimmy and Sandy and...

POLLY: Okay, well we must be running.

BONNEY: (Still crying) And Cindy and Timmy and Billy…

POLLY: Perhaps you can introduce us some time. Gotta go. Bye.
(Exits quickly)

FLO: You okay, Bonney?

BONNEY: (Sobs) Are they gone yet?

FLO: Yeah.

BONNEY: (Stops crying) Then I'm fine.

FLO: Do you really have twenty-seven brothers and sisters?

BONNEY: Give or take a few.  I've lost count.  It's so hard to keep track of them. If only I didn't have to work all the time.




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