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Between Good and Evil List of Scenes Cast of Characters stage play script by D. M. Larson

Between Good and Evil 


by D. M. Larson 

ISBN-13: 978-1502982308


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ALIEN - Narrator throughout the play

CAPTAIN and COMMANDER - space explorers who set out to conquer to universe while enjoying a good cup of tea
CADET - young space explorer who has something to prove
GRUNT - old space explorer who prefers a good fight
ALIEN - native of the planet they visit who is captured

PROTECTO - Kid who wants to be a hero

JUNE - woman who wants to enjoy nature but nature doesn't like her
PROTECTO - a kid who wants to help
MOLLY - a woman who has no clue how to help
DON - a cranky old man

JOE - comic book store owner
ASHLEY - teen beauty queen
HOWARD - a nerdy guy who likes comics and Ashley
NINJA - a teen girl who doesn't like Ashley
DOC - a doctor (can be played by Alien)

KENT - A local man from Metropolis
LO - A woman in search of true love
SIMON - a nice guy who befriends Lo

GENERAL - a battle hungry general who would rather shoot first and ask questions later
PRINCESS - a princess from another planet who seeks help from Earth
SOLDIER - a guy who is just following orders
SCIENTIST - a man with the key to helping the princess's planet
LILA - the girlfriend of the scientist who doesn't want the princess to take him away

THAD - a teen who has turned to a wolf
VIV - the girlfriend of Thad who wants to protect him

DOUGIE - a dim-witted evil henchman
RESCUE - a local superhero
SHEILA - an evil villain who wants to stop Rescue woman

SPEEDO - a super fast superhero with problems
DOCTOR - a doctor with the ability to take away super powers
DOGBOY - a dog-like superhero
CATCHICK - a cat-like superhero
SMACK - a super strong superhero
SHADE - a superhero who can hide in the shadows
CAPER - a flying superhero 

SCENE 11: SUPER DEAD MAN (7 of any gender)
GEM - ordinary citizen
HANK - ordinary citizen
WINNY - old person who has her prize dog crushed by super dead man
SIDEKICK - stressed out sidekick of super dead man
OFFICER - police officer who finds supers annoying
MEZMERO - cool looking bad guy in a helmet
DAVID - smart kid who defeats Mezmero

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