Saturday, November 4, 2017

Outlaws of Candy Kitchen Part 5 melodrama stage play script

"Outlaws of Candy Kitchen"
Part 5 

BONNEY:  Help!
JOHN:   (Rushes in)  I'll save you!  

(AUDIENCE: Hurray)
BONNEY:  John!  Is it really you?  
JOHN:  I've only been gone a few minutes.
BONNEY:  Sorry.  It seemed like forever with Ally going on and on.   Blah, blah, blah.  I thought she'd never shut up.
JOHN:  But my plan has worked.   And job well done for John Miller, Texas Ranger (karate routine?)   I finally have enough evidence to throw Ally in the clink for good and it's all because of you, Bonney.
BONNEY:  I'm happy to help.
JOHN: Now to arrest that scoundrel.   (head for Brewery)
BONNEY: Uh, John.   Do you think maybe you could do something about this powder keg... BEFORE I BLOW UP!
JOHN:  Oh, dear.  (Gets all nervous)   What do I do?  What do I do?
BONNEY:  Put out the fuse!
JOHN:  (Tries stopping it)  It's not working.
BONNEY:  Untie me.
JOHN:  Oh, yeah.   (Unties BONNEY and BONNEY rolls or carries TNT to Brewery and runs back)
BONNEY:  It's going to blow.   

(EXPLOSION SOUND and STROBE LIGHTS and SMOKE MACHINE.  BONNEY and JOHN duck and stuff comes flying and they EXIT.   ALLY comes stumbling out and has soot on face and her hair is standing up and black)  
ALLY:  That's some powerful hooch.   (Passes out.  Kids rush in and put alcohol bottles around her and SHERI enters)
SHERI:  What's this?  Illegal booze!   You're under arrest.
(CITIZEN posse comes in and puts ALLY in wagon)   Take her away.
(BONNEY and JOHN reenter)
BONNEY:  Thank you, John for everything you've done for me.  Now and those years when I was a gun slinger.
JOHN:  I swore to your Ma, I would never let anything happen to you.   And she'd be proud of the woman you've become.
BONNEY:  And now my dream of making the best candy in the world will come true... all because of you.
JOHN:  I have a present for you.
BONNEY:  A present?
JOHN:  I made this for you.   (It's a sign that says "The world's best candy only 1 cent")
BONNEY:  I love it, John.  Thank you.
JOHN:  Now, let's sell some candy!   

(AUDIENCE: Hurray!)
(Kids come rushing in to buy the candy with FLO and BERTHA.  BONNEY and JOHN throw candies to kids on stage and in the audience)
(SONG "I want candy!" or "Lollipop")



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