Friday, November 3, 2017

Send Us To Die scifi dramatic monologue

by D. M. Larson

When they came for us, my life had only just begun. My first moments of adulthood were spent in this conflict, battling an enemy from another world. The peace of my childhood shattered by this threat to our planet.

And where were you, our “illustrious” leader? You cowered in some bunker, protected by your wealth. Your family bribed the doctors for some mundane ailment to keep you from being thrust into the fight with the rest of your generation. You were unfit to serve then and you’re unfit to lead now.

You parade proudly around talking about sending us back into the jaws of death. You wish to destroy this precious peace so many of us sacrificed to achieve. We defeated our alien oppressors and sent them into the darkness. Now you want to poke the hornet's nest and bring their wrath upon us once again. How many of our children will die in this new conflict?

There is a reason no leader has been able to wipe them from existence. They are a terrible enemy… ruthless… unrelenting.  I have faced them again and again and watched them kill my friends. I carry the visible scars of war and their weapons leave eternal painful reminders of what they did to us. But you have no such scars.

You send us all to die, not knowing the pains of war, just so you can hear people cheer for you at rallies... not knowing the consequences. Not knowing how it feels to kill, hearing the piercing screams of death echoing in your mind over and over again, screams that haunt our nightmares.

You talk big but know so little.



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