Friday, October 13, 2017

"A Good Kind of Great" monologue from the play WvP 2017/10/wvp-witches-vs-princesses-act-1-scene-1.html play script

"A Good Kind of Great"

I just want to do something great with my life. I really do want to be Kate the Great. I want to build the biggest building the kingdom has ever seen... One that will touch the sky. Or build wings that will make me fly through the clouds. I want to do something amazing that no one has ever seen. I want to be truly great... But in a good way. Not some great ruler who lives off the suffering of others. Or someone who gets rich by stealing or hurting. I want to be a good kind of great. A kind, kind of great. A great someone who makes this kingdom a better place for us all.



From the play "WvP" (Witches vs Princesses)

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