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"Tongues of Fire" short script for 3 actors about gossip (scene with a moral message)

short script for 3 actors
by D. M. Larson

(Two business women are sitting outside eating lunch together.
A homeless looking man is wandering around behind them.
He stops when he hears them speaking and slowly approaches them)

ROSE: Can you believe what Joe did today?

WINNY: What a loser. 

ROSE: I’ve never seen anything so stupid in my life.

WINNY: Well I have. You know Sandy? In accounting?

ROSE: Yeah…

(JAMES jumps up between them and startles them)

JAMES: The tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity…
it defileth the whole body, and setteth on fire the course of nature;
and it is set on fire of hell.

ROSE: Okay…

WINNY: Bye bye now, weird little person

ROSE: Go on… there you go. 

(JAMES wanders away mad. He pauses upstage and listens to them again)

WINNY: Anyway….

ROSE: What about Sandy.

WINNY: She has a secret.

ROSE: Really?

WINNY: And I know what it is.

ROSE: Tell me…


ROSE: Please…

WINNY: Okay….

(JAMES comes around from the side and startles them again)

JAMES: No man tame the tongue; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.

WINNY: Excuse me, but this is a private conversation.

ROSE: You want a hot dog or something?
I’ll buy you a hot dog if you go away.
I’m not giving you money though.
You’ll just use it to get drugs or drunk or something.

WINNY: I think he’s already drunk.

ROSE: Hot dog? No? 

(JAMES goes away, but eventually makes his way back again to the other side of them)

WINNY: Maybe he’s vegan.

ROSE: He looks vegan.

WINNY: What does that mean?

ROSE: Are you vegan?

WINNY: No, but it’s supposed to be good for you.

ROSE: Have you ever had vegan food?


ROSE: Well, it’s not good.

WINNY: I hear Sandy likes vegan food.

ROSE: Stop teasing me! Tell me what Sandy did.

WINNY: You’ll never believe it.

ROSE: Try me.

WINNY: Well, let’s just say she is the reason Joe had that fit.

ROSE: That’s who Joe was screaming about?

WINNY: She is the one who shot him with stapler.

ROSE: What did he do to her?

WINNY: Well I heard…

(JAMES speaks more softly and kindly)

JAMES: Doth a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter?

ROSE: Aren’t there some words of wisdom about minding your own business? 

WINNY: Don’t try to reason with him.

ROSE: Maybe we should go.

WINNY: But then I’ll never know about Sandy… and Joe.

JAMES: Perhaps you can help them.

ROSE: Help them?

JAMES: Sandy and Joe need your help.

WINNY: They would make a cute couple.

ROSE: Maybe it was just a misunderstanding…
maybe Sandy is a victim of fake news.
Maybe Joe didn’t really do what people said he did.

WINNY: What did he do?

JAMES: Fake news! Gossip! The serpent strikes and poisons their minds. Heal what is broken.

ROSE: Maybe I could help. 

WINNY: Helping get people together is fun. 

ROSE: Supposedly they were already together.

WINNY: Really?

ROSE: It was a secret love.

WINNY: I love secret loves.

ROSE: And we have to help them.

WINNY: Okay.

ROSE: I have a plan.

(WINNY and ROSE exit excitedly and one of them forgets their lunch.
JAMES sits and eats it and smiles)

JAMES: Blessed are the peacemakers.


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short script for 3 actors about gossip scene with a moral message

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