Sunday, October 30, 2016

Goodbye to Neverland Part 3 monologue male actor

By D. M. Larson

Copyright © 2016
All Rights Reserved

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(RANDY puts on a doctor’s white lab coat and a stethoscope)

Maybe being a doctor would be something I would enjoy.  I decided to hang out at the hospital and observe.  I found a white coat and stethoscope and made my rounds.  People treat you differently when they think you’re a doctor… they look at you in a different way… like you’re important… they give you respect. I was liking this so I kept going back to the hospital.. But then I ran into someone waiting in the ER. They'd been waiting for hours and something was really wrong... but they were having trouble with their insurance. I blew up! Insurance!  Is this about money or about healing? I can't work for a place like this that doesn't put our patients first so I quit! And every patient who could stand in that waiting room stood up and clapped for me and that sick patient who asked for help was crying... and a nurse came out for her and put her hand on my arm and said “you have a good heart… we need more doctors like you.” Then I saw security coming and staff were pointing at me so I made my exit… it was nice being a doctor for a day or two and it was good knowing I helped at least one person get the care they needed.


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