Sunday, October 30, 2016

Goodbye to Neverland Part 4 monologue male actor

By D. M. Larson
From the play "Losers in Love"
  • ISBN-13: 978-1549653186

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(Lights can go down or RANDY can hide behind the suitcase/case/trunk.  He removed the doctor coat and stethoscope - Music can be used if desired - Lights come up and RANDY has on a MARIO costume - he is at a comic book convention.  The costume can be as simple as a hat and mustache)

This girl I like is going to be at this video game comic convention thing and I decided to go too, hoping maybe I would bump into her. I wanted to show her I was really into these things so I dressed up like my favorite video game character. It was this or Zelda but if I dressed up like Zelda she might get the wrong idea. And Link wears tights and looks like a Merry Man from Robin Hood which is a bit too merry for me. So I chose something more manly. Mario has facial hair and he’s a plumber. What's more manly than a plumber?  Hey baby… wanna see my plumbers crack? What a great pickup line!  Well… At least I thought it was a good pickup line. I decided to give it a try just for fun. There was one of them cosplay babes dressed as Harley Quinn. Not only did she not like my pickup line but her boyfriend who was dressed as Joker didn't like it either.  I hope that gun he had wasn’t real… I'm hiding now.  I hope I am not the only Mario here… Aaaah! They spotted me… please don't tell them where I am.



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