Sunday, October 30, 2016

Goodbye to Neverland Part 5 monologue male actor

by D. M. Larson

Copyright (c) 2016
All rights reserved

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(RANDY hides behind his box - lights can go down - When lights come up , he comes up with nothing on and is behind the box/suitcase/trunk. Randy appears to be naked to the audience)

Very funny.  Taking my costume and leaving me naked for everyone to see. - you’re hilarious!  Well, the jokes on you.  My cosplay costume is Adam from the Bible.  That’s right everyone. I’m about to do an original sin…!

It’s hard to look cool when you have nothing on.  Being naked… you see yourself differently… you see everything a lot differently… Just when things couldn't get any worse… it’s her, the woman I loved, the woman I doing all this for… she’s here… she’s coming this way!  I wanted her to see me in the best possible way. Instead she sees the worst of me. But she isn't looking away… she isn’t laughing… she isn't facebooking, snapchatting or instagramming my lowest moment to the world like everyone else here.  She wants to help and breaks the nearest person’s phone that is pointed at me… and she gives me part of her super girl costume. She gives me her cape and proves me to me that she is the most superset girl I have ever known. She is my hero.


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