Monday, August 25, 2014

Teachers! Need a low cost credit course for professional development? Try Drama Games!

Here is an excellent professional development online course for drama teachers... Drama Games!

Learn how to use drama techniques to make everyday classroom lessons come to life. Drama Games give teachers a new educational tool for any subject by using improvisational theatre concepts as an active form of learning. Improvisational theatre gives students a fun and interactive way to learn English, reading, literature, history, communications, speech and much more. The activities in this course can be used with all ages of students and in any classroom setting. Text is $11 on

Both graduate and undergrad levels available. Tuition is $300 for 5 quarter credits (or 3 semester).

Learn more at:

And check out the syllabus too:

Taught by Emmy Award Winner Doug Larson

low cost drama course for teachers professional development credit class

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