Saturday, December 6, 2014

"Dance with the Wind" monologue (art writing collaborative project 3 of 3) free solo stage play script

My wife made this really cool artwork for my birthday that can be viewed from three different directions. This inspired me to write three different monologues.  Each monologue goes with a different direction of the picture.  These three monologues are dedicated to her.


"Dance with the Wind" by D. M. Larson

Others run from the storm... I embrace it. Everyone is sheltered in fear but I dance with it. I want to feel it's power.
Such strength... mighty and unforgiving... nothing can stand in it's way. Except me... I dare... I dare to dance with the wind... A dangerous dance... But I will survive. 

Despite your power, despite your might, tomorrow you'll be a memory... but I will still be here... To pick up the pieces.

While you bring destruction,  I bring comfort. I will help those you harm, those you leave behind in your destruction... Because I am better than you... and kinder than you. Despite all your power, I am still better, because I care, I help, I heal.

So give me one last dance, caress me with your winds, make me dizzy with delight, because I don't fear you any more.



from the published play

"Death of an Insurance Salesman" 

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