Saturday, December 6, 2014

"Angel's Wings" monologue (art writing collaborative project 2 of 3) free solo stage play script

  My wife made this really cool artwork for my birthday that can be viewed from three different directions. This inspired me to write three different monologues.  Each monologue goes with a different direction of the picture.  These three monologues are dedicated to her. 


"Angel's Wings" by D. M. Larson 
(art by Shiela Larson)  

I look down on the world below and dream. Dream of mortal things... things I left behind... and miss...  Most of all, I miss you...  I watch, hoping to catch a glimpse of you. And dream of the love we had together.  I still feel your touch and the softness of your kiss, your gentle kiss, softer than angel's wings.  Is it wrong to love so much? Is it wrong to miss you? To want to be with you more than eternity. I would give up eternity to be with you. I would strip away my immortality to have another lifetime with you. Will my eternal soul be damned in your embrace? But how can the devil delight in something so wonderful as our love? How can a love so good be bad?  It's honest love. A love filled with purity and happiness. Surely the devil withers when we're close, because heavenly light shines in your eyes. The warm glow of our hearts burns between us sending Satan back to the frozen fires of Hell. If I lost my wings, would you catch me as I fell from Heaven above? In your arms, We would make our own heaven. I would hope God could forgive such a good love, a pure love, filled with happiness.  


In the play “Midnight of the Soul” ISBN-13: 978-1523724512 

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