Thursday, June 25, 2015

"USING WOMEN IN NEED" overdramatic monologue for female from stage play script Mystery of the Gangster Ghost

I was another mutual victim of the two slime balls, who seem to have this fetish for using women in need. So we made a plan on how we'd get out of all this once and for all.  We decided to kill two dodo birds with one stone. We'd do away with John and frame Cal for it. With Cal in jail, then we'd be free of the debt he used to enslave us.

We decided to act when we saw Sadie falling into their trap. We wanted to help her out before she got in too deep and became another victim.

We lured John to the warehouse with the note and I let John try to seduce me. That's when Remmy snuck up and slipped a rope around his neck. It took both of us to strangle him and he put up a fight.
That's when some other gal came at us with a knife, but she couldn't see in the darkness.  We didn't know who she was after at first. We slashed at everyone blindly and ended up stabbing John. John probably thought she was helping us and lunged at her. He stabbed her with her own knife. We didn't know if the knife did it or the rope but we were glad he was dead. We didn't stick around to see who the other woman was. We were so sad to find out later that the woman was Sadie. The woman we were trying to save. We were in too deep and decided to go ahead with our plan. So we came up with the whole ghost hunter idea as a way to bring attention to the murders and frame Cal.


This monologue is from:

"The Mystery of the Gangster Ghost" Can you solve this mystery? It's not easy because this play has several different endings. You can have a different killer each night of your performance. This play has a flexible cast of 6+ females and 8+ males that is ideal for a large cast. 

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overdramatic monologue for female from stage play script Mystery of the Gangster Ghost

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