Friday, July 31, 2015

Seeking Online Performer for Freedrama YouTube Channel - Paid Acting Gig - Help Wanted - Now Hiring Actors

Currently I am seeking actors to perform monologues for our YouTube channel.  The ideal actor is one who is active on social media and can help generate views of their videos by promoting it online.

I will pay $50 for the first monologue and then if the actor can help generate enough views for the video, then they will be hired to do more.

If you are interested, please email and include video acting samples you've done (using your own equipment or equipment you have access to).  Also include links to social media account you are actively involved in.  The ideal actor should have an active online community they are a part of.

Post any questions you have below.

Here are some examples of video monologues I have hired actors for:

Seneca Baldwin also earned extra by being part of the Freedrama Acting School and winning the Top Student Award for June 2015.

Check out the Freedrama Acting School here: - Completing my Free Online School for Actors can increase your chance of getting selected if you are a newer actor without experience.

And here are some additional tips on ways to get selected:

- Subscribe to my YouTube channel

- Leave positive comments on the videos of my other actors

- Retweet posts by @freedrama on Twitter

- Share Freedrama Blog posts and comment

Basically, I am looking for online actors who want to get involved and promote the Freedrama website.

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